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Microsoft Surface Book VS MacBook Pro


Recently, Microsoft released an updated version of its Surface Book, with a new configuration, an advanced processor, and amazing graphics. One day later, Apple released its latest MacBook Pro model, featuring improved specs and a new touch bar. Both are high-end notebooks that provide first-class performance. Apart the sleek looks and stunning displays, you should consider performance. After all, you the performance matters more. When it comes to buying such devices, it always boils down to user preferences. However, if you are looking for high-end graphics that can handle superior gaming, image and video editing, as well as 3D applications, it is good to take an in-depth look at both devices. We thank the guys at Compex IT for making this article possible.  For info they provide computer support for Birmingham businesses.


The MacBook Pro has not changed much, when it comes to design. The device is still slim, measuring just under 0.59 inches thick. It is also lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds. In terms of aesthetics, the newest MacBook Pro comes with the sleek aluminum clamshell design, which is used on past designs. Apple has always designed and built attractive designs, and the same applies to this notebook.

Similarly, the Surface Book comes with a unique high-end design. It relies on a hinge that secures the tablet display in position. It features a magnesium body, which compares with the design on the MacBook Pro. However, the slightly taller display, as well as the hinge differentiates it from a MacBook. It is much heavier than its competitor, weighing approximately 3.6 pounds. Its thinnest point is 0.5inches while the thickest point is 0.9 inches. This tells you that it is slightly bulkier than the MacBook Pro.


Nowadays, it is hard to find a notebook that does not provide an option to upgrade to touch-screen display. However, Apple is yet to join that bandwagon. The newest MacBook Pro features a new touch bar, which replaces the function keys. This offers a new and intuitive way to interact with this device. However, you cannot interact with the display directly. With so many devices and notebooks using touchscreen technology, it feels like Apple are lagging behind. However, it is an intentional decision by Apple’s designer Johnny Ive, who insists that notebook users don’t feel the urge to interact with their devices using touchscreen.

One of the biggest design features of the Surface Book i7, is the ability to interact with the device using touch input. You can do this either with Surface Pen or your finger. Once you power it on, it feels natural to reach to the display, and swipe around or select prompts just by touching the screen. Not forgetting that a touch display will allow you to annotate or sign documents right away, and you don’t have to print them first.

Graphics and performance

Both devices can be configured using a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. With such specs, you don’t have to worry about daily performance. However, the Surface Book i7 has a slight advantage over its counterpart, with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphics chip. This is a big upgrade from the Intel HD GPU, which is included in the main model. In terms of graphics flexibility, the Surface Book i7 clearly has an edge. With the upgraded NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphics chip, you can run 3D editing software, or play intensive games on your Surface Book. On the other hand, the MacBook pro features an Integrated Intel Iris Graphics 540 card. This does not even come close to the level of graphics provided by the Surface Book i7. In fact, you will have to buy the 15-inch model and move away from the 13-inch model, which can be upgraded Radeon Pro chip. Even after upgrading the 15-inch model to the same specifications to compare with the Surface Book, you will spend roughly the same amount. The good news is that the Surface Book offers the same performance specifications, with the added advantage of touch screen display.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the Microsoft Surface Book and the MacBook Pro, it is like comparing oranges to apples. The Microsoft Surface Book is a convertible laptop and tablet hybrid, instead of a purestrain laptop. The two devices target the same audience, creatives and wealthy enterprise users. The Surface Book has more to offer gamers and pro users. However, the legendary sleekness and build quality of Apple’s MacBooks reigns supreme in this battle. Both are interesting in terms of software and design aspect. Eventually, the buyer decision is mainly going to revolve around the main physical differences.

remote computer help

Remote computer Walsall support is quite a new strategy within the computer and netbook repair business. Many computer companies are now making their entire business around offering end users remotely.
There are many advantages for a business owner to provide remote pc repair they will become very obvious when operating under the remote computer repair structure.
With advantages additionally, medicine there are down sides and several challenges I wish to explore with a bit more detail.
First of all if you’re providing remote computer support you will be able to pretty much guarantee there exists a cost saving attached to not having to travel to this company or users place of work/home to fix their computer system. This is actually a advantage to both the organization and the user. No fuel to be charged indicates cheaper bills in general.
Second of all there is the swift reaction time of remote pc repair. Your customer’s laptop is usually fixed by just calling the remote computer repair company and in a few minutes you will see a pc expert remotely connected to your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet dealing with your IT service dilemma.
Now these two points I have summarised above are good things about remote computer support. There are also a few negatives to fixing a computer remotely.
Hardware problems do occur in laptops and these cannot be resolved remotely. This is usually a difficulty for the user as well as the pc repair business. The client will need to pay for a call out fee associated with the laptop/computer repair expert coming on-site to swap out the faulty component part. The repair business will need to book time and a technician to visit on location and perform the exchange out of existing defective components. There is additionally the possibility that the repair service may necessitate more than a single visit. The first to establish exactly what computer component has went faulty. This could be anything from

  • Broken Ipad screen
  • Faulty harddrive
  • Bad memory
  • Power blown on power supply unit
  • Water damage to keyboard
  • Intermittent fault
  • This of course is not a complete list. If you happen to be lucky enough the remote computer support company should have knowledgeable technicians that’ll be in a position to identify the computer hardware problem prior to visiting, but not in every case.

    Another challenge with remote pc repair services is computer virus and malware attacks. Commonly when a trojan takes hold on a system the internet is blocked or the bandwith is used by the computer virus. In this situation the pc professional might not be in the position to get connected to your computer to offer you remote computer repair. There are after all some simple methods around this issue such as starting up your laptop up in safe mode along with networking enabled. Then launching the remote pc repair application. This approach normally receives round the virus until such time that the Laptop/Computer technician has preformed all the necessary steps to scrub your personal computer of the virus.

    Remote Computer Support Software applications

    So you may possibly be reading this information and manage an IT help business well over the years most of us here have been providing all types of remote computer repair and have made use of numerous remote viewing programs for connecting to user computers to provide IT help. Below is a number of a few of the software packages we’ve used with some comments of our own experiences.

    Teamview: Superb program along with simple to download software. Has the added advantage that you can do a remote restart directly into safe mode 5 Stars

    Goto Assist: this software program was created by the big corporate brand Citrix around their own know-how. A little clunky to install nevertheless it comes with the added advantage of “install as service” which will performs wonders if you’re wanting to carry out administrative tasks upon domain workstation.

    GFI Managment: This is really a jack of all as well as the remote assistance section of the package is in fact just team viewer. Hats off to GFI remember – great way to keep customers and easily get connected to their systems via the GFI dash panel

    Join ME: Only just stared using this webapp. Seems to be incredibly advanced and such a little client software package. Good looking online site.

    VNC: It is old school, used this back in the day before any of the above remote computer repair software services. Can’t fault it but I feel the rest above offer far more than what this does at this point.

    Conclusions: All the above remote pc repair products possess good capabilities. I would certainly not write any one of them off. They all have their own small hickups but you are going to get that when connecting over the internet to your customers.

    Join our community forum to ask any questions you may have regarding Remote Computer Support and where to begin.

    File recovery companies

    Laptop Repair Walsall provide recovery services and assist in Walsall and encircling regions.

    Ohh simply no my personal computer provides eradicated and i also can’t end up in this! All my own data files take presctiption my own laptop or computer which include our photos, viagra usa music, rx video clips and many types of my personal emails.
    Exactly what do I do?
    Well we are not really astonished to listen for this sort of problem every week. Usually it’s when your hard disk has been unsuccessful on the mobile computer or possibly a malware has contaminated your whole body. Sometimes application improvements through ‘microsoft’ or perhaps your anti-virus creator may break the particular start-up means of your personal machine or even mobile computer currently helping you to get in.
    The method regarding fixing this challenge is what is well known in the industry since recovery. Here inside Walsall we perform recovery about regular basis with regard to customers. Most small enterprises and residence people don’t carry out backup copies of these information along with that’s wherever we come in. We possess equipment and data on the way to get the information off one’s body so that you can access it again.
    Healthy bit of suggestions is actually to always back-up your data. Up right up until lately we never had virtually any back-up options ourselves. That was right up until we found out about computer software known as Mozy. All you should do can be visit their site as well as enroll in the actual absolutely free path. A tiny downloadable deploy plan runs on your pc along with your info is after that backed up immediately to the Mozy computers over the internet. You do not need to worry about back or perhaps sacrificing your computer data again. Best of most could be that the services are no cost is that you have 2GB of knowledge or perhaps a smaller amount as well as it’s most programmed!
    Now to data recovery! We retrieve files from notebook hard disk drives, pc techniques, the apple company macs, servers, raid arrays, camera/photo memory playing cards. You name that we could generally recuperate that. Sometimes your data storage device could be terribly damaged associated with failed complete in these instances we all utilize a expert recover file organization for hard to do recover file work.
    All of us always estimate before totally employment consequently along with it’s always totally free for us to look at your system and supply a quote.

    Laptop computer DC jack repairs

    One of the main laptop service problems is when the power jack stops working on a netbook. Occasionally they are called the Dc port, site power connection or power outlet. All these titles refer to the actual power port on a notebook.
    The netbook DC jack port may stop working for a number of factors. Often we get clients visiting us which suggest that the notebook power jack seems to have failed when in fact it really is the power charger and nothing related to the computer itself.
    The electric power jack port breakdown is often as a result of following reasons:

    walsall computer repair Broke off: the electricity cable might have been aggressively ripped from the laptop.

    Worn off: with time inserting and also removing the power cord into the notebook wears down the laptop computer electrical port connection and the soldier joints can become wobbly

    Dropped the laptop: you may have dropped the notebook computer and the power connector has fallen into itself.

    These are just one or two of the causes power jack might have failed. Luckily the majority of Electrical ports are very low-priced to exchange, best viagra the price of a brand new jack port is just a few pounds depending on the type of netbook.

    The primary expenditure whenever replacing a Power jack port on a laptop is the time needed. The whole entire laptop computer is required to be stripped down and taken apart to get to the main motherboard which contains the laptop Dc port. This consists of normally between sixty minutes to 2 hrs worth of work. Once the notebook computer has been dissembled it’s then the case of de-soldering the old Dc jack and changing with a new Dc connector.

    The new Dc port will be screened ahead of re-constructing the laptop. As soon as every checks are complete it is then a case of putting the laptop computer back together. This kind of procedure is time intensive and as part of the procedure we tend to give the interior laptop elements a good clean as dirt can easily build up over the years and having a internally clean notebook computer can lead to longer life expectancy which is an additional value service that we provide.

    As mentioned the main expense when it comes to fixing a laptop computer Dc connector is the time needed thankfully this particular repair is provided with a fixed price. Presently there are some types of laptop where it may cost a tad bit more to fix the Dc port but this is due to the accessibility to parts. You will discover several models of Sony VAIO systems and also acer’s fall into this classification nevertheless it a small %.

    As mentioned at the start of this post we sometimes get clients visiting us when they think there port is on the blink however after some preliminary checks the laptop charger is at fault. We use top notch multi meter’s to assess the current from the laptop computer battery charger, if we don’t get a continual siginal from the battery charger then we swap the battery charger – this generally cures the problem. The additional advantage of testing both the Dc jack port along with charger is that swapping out a notebook computer charger is really a far easier and more affordable option.

    Sometimes it’s not seriously worth the inconvenience!

    We’d a customer in this month that has a laptop computer they had dumped upon a tiled deck. The actual laptop computer hinge had snapped apart however from the looks of the item there was no other destruction. This would be an easy repair we all believed. Almost all which was needed was a brand-new hinge along with display lid for the display.

    However after we had the netbook taken apart for diagnostic tests purposes we found that the notebook had not been booting or even coming on. On top of this the client described that the display had been very distorted. Out of these other couple of complications we found that the laptop logic board was basically defective as was the notebook panel.

    The customer had us for an insurance coverage report, stuff well after finding these different 2 defects the laptop was a write off. It could possibly have cost more to obtain a completely new hinge, viagra sale case along with revive the system board and then swap out the netbook screen. In fact the model of notebook computer goes for a lot less used on well known auction sites compared to the price of the quoted repair. It has not been worth the clients trouble or our time to complete the repair on this laptop computer.

    Fortunately here at Laptop Repair Walsall we usually offer the client several solution to their dilemma and we frequently like to offer our customers the very best experience from our support.

    We completed an engineer’s examination statement for the insurance underwriter and posted this off to them. And then phoned the customer and told them the bad news, it was not repairable and therefore they’d have to buy a brand-new netbook. As we provide such great assistance we restored the information off of the laptop computer totally free for the client and supplied a copy of the customer’s data on blank discs ready to be used their brand new notebook.

    In return for all our labor we agreed to recycle the laptop at no cost! You see a malfunctioning netbooks do keep some worth. The display if still performing was a nice matt 15.4″ Liquid crystal display.

    These can be rather expensive to source at a minimum of £100 therefore if the screen is still working we’ve just saved ourselves a few ££ off our following laptop computer screen repair issue. There is invariably a plus aspect to the misfortune involving other individuals. This just happens to be ours. On the topic of malfunctioning laptop computers we do offer money and will buy your outdated laptop as we can use several of the components inside them.
    This includes the hard disc drive, having said that we are likely to avoid utilizing used HDD’s in our repairs as a result of bad sectors and other such things as the point that the hard disc is important towards the laptop computer functioning and we would rather utilize brand new hard drives in every our jobs.

    Laptop displays as mentioned can be re-used in alternative laptops. This has the additional advantage as the customer has to shell out less for a refurbished screen or exactly what is recognized in the market as “B grade stock”
    Laptop RAM may also be used inside other notebooks, this is useful if we are coming to upgrade a laptop computer owning second hand memory if big enough capacity is fantastic.

    We always test our 2nd hand Dimm sticks in advance of installing it in any other system with our memory soak in assessment computer software. This is the most necessary step to utilizing used memory in other machines.
    Therefore if you employ a old laptop computer that’s likely to cost an arm or a leg to correct (perhaps both) do not worry! Sit back and de-stress. You can sell it as faulty and utilize the proceeds to a brand-new computer!

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